And the new year is upon us…

The maelstrom of turning forty has finally started to settle down and I am done with my fall semester.  I have a little bit of a breather until I start my final semester on January 23rd.  Christmas has come and gone and now the new year is upon us and ready to start up, whether we are prepared for it or not.  While I simply glow during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, I really am not a big fan of New Year’s Day.  Right here, right now, is my favorite time of the year.  Holiday lights are still illuminating the nights, which really are not that cold and warrant no complaints.  (Seriously, where is the snow?)  Work is slow and there are days off to be enjoyed by delving into reading books which have been sitting on your desk for over a year.  Cleaning?  Yeah, that needs to be done as well.  The dust is overwhelming me!  A little socializing?  Oh yes, it is so desperately needed!

Introduction and why do I have to turn forty next week?

Good afternoon!  I intended on starting a blog to chronicle the wonderful decade that is one’s forties.  It is my hope that by blogging regularly, I can retain all of life’s charming, little lessons and have something to hold onto as I make my way through this amazing journey.  And I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading my posts.

Let me start by saying that as a child, forty was always seen as the end of the road, the top of the hill, the pinnacle of your success with nothing left to look forward to but an accelerating downward spiral into chronic pain, wrinkles, gray hairs in places you never thought hair could possibly even go gray, less energy, slower metabolism, loss of libido, the debilitating need to go to bed by 9 p.m. on a Saturday night and so forth.  I dreaded getting older and thinking that there would come a time when I would actually look old.  I dreaded knowing that my life could possibly already be halfway over at forty, or not even.  The crippling thought that time is really no longer on your side as much as it is when you are, say, twenty, slowly became an ugly reality as I sailed (without a compass, no less) through my twenties (which were confusing) and thrashed through my thirties (which were overall pretty damn good).  Now forty is knocking on the door and I have to let her in.

I believe I will have a pleasant acquaintance with forty.  It is not the death sentence it once was.  People are living longer and delaying the aging process.  Forty is the new twenty or the new thirty, they say!  Thankfully, I still look pretty damn good for turning forty.  Most people are shocked when I say I am turning forty and assure me I do not look anywhere near that, that I look like I am in my late twenties and not a day over thirty.  Hell yeah!  Thank you, dear Creator, for bestowing on me good genes!  For the most part, I have my health, my family, a source of income, my education and some intelligence.

Fasten your seat belt, slut puppy.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride.